Hormone Level Test

Key Benefit: Understanding hormone levels allows for corrective action, if necessary. Hormones affect our bodies in a wide variety of ways, dependent on the hormone involved.


Why check my hormone levels?


As part of a comprehensive longevity and healthful living program, we recommend measuring and monitoring your hormones to help increase energy, stamina, youthfulness and vitality. At optimal levels, male and female hormones, along with the hormone excreting glands (that includes the adrenals, thyroid and pituitary among others) give us the energy, youthfulness and vitality we all seek.


What are some of the ways hormone imbalance can affect me?


Estrogen excess causes weight gain, and low testosterone causes impotence, loss of muscle mass, and low motivation. Cortisol excess can lead to fatigue, depression, and obesity. Another common culprit is low thyroid, which robs energy and causes weight gain, constipation, and mental fog.


How is the hormone analysis performed?


Blood or saliva are collected and sent to a lab for analysis. It may be necessary to avoid certain products, beverages, or foods for a period prior to assessment. We will work with you to assure the most accurate results possible. Sometimes blood and saliva are collected for serum and salivary testing in order to provide a complete picture of your hormone levels.