Bio-Meridian Stress Analysis

Key Benefit: A non-invasive method to show which organ systems are weakened or stressed.


What is Bio-Meridian Stress Analysis and what does it measure?


One proven approach used to determine an effective individualized vitamin and nutritional supplement program is called the Meridian Stress Analysis (MSA). The MSA measures key energy points along your meridians, which are the body’s energy channels. Each is linked to a specific internal organ or organ system. The energy (Qi, in Chinese medicine or Prana in Ayurvedic medicine) that flows through these pathways can be measured using this device.

By monitoring the energy of organ systems, we can tell whether those systems are experiencing stress or weakness and correct accordingly.


What is involved in the Bio-Meridian Stress Analysis?


When the test is administered, a patient holds a metal rod while a technician presses a probe into acupuncture points located on the hands and/or feet. This device then measures the electrical properties of that particular point which give a representative reading of the energy of that meridian, or energy channel which corresponds to underlying organ systems. It is not uncomfortable. Values read by the machine can indicate imbalance which could suggest underlying inflammation, degeneration, or other organ and system irregularities.