Energy Dala Dot – 36 ct.

Promotes all-day energy and supports exercise performance - Simple - Gentle - Non Invasive
Manufacturer: Nutritional Roots

What are Dala Dots?

Dala Dots provide a simple, gentle and non-invasive way to experience the healing benefits of traditional energy therapy.


How Do Dala Dots Work?

Based on Nikola Tesla’s research of Scaler Waves, Dala Dots are quantum infused holograms that stick to your skin with food-grade adhesives.

Dala Dots are placed on different parts of the body depending on the purpose. The placement locations are identified inside each package.


IMPORTANT: This product is not intended to treat disease, replace medication, support or sustain human life or prevent impairment of human health. Keep out of reach of children. WARNING: Do not use if pregnant, If using the Sleep Dala Dot, do not drive or use while operating machinery. Do not place on open bleeding areas. For external use only. Choking Hazard, keep out of reach of children. Do not eat or place in mouth. If you suffer from any health conditions, please consult your health professional prior to use. Data Dot products are for self-education and research purposes only.