Nutritional Roots

Nutritional Roots is born from a culmination of clinical achievements, business acumen, and innovative techniques for producing raw, whole-food based supplements and superfood snacks.

Nutritional Roots

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Plant-Based Vitamin D3 (5,000 IU) + Fermented K2

30 Vegan Capsules Whole-Food, organic Why Vitamin D3? Our culture hides from the sun. We wear more clothes and spend less time in direct sunlight, so our bodies don’t receive the D3 we need to support hormone balance.

Plant-Based Multivitamin

90 Capsules Whole-Food

Iodine Supplement

60 Vegetable Capsules

Soil-Based Organisms Probiotic

RESTORING YOUR ROOTS- Giving you even more to smile about. Your digestive system is the foundation of your health. Think about the roots of plants. What do they do? They absorb nutrients for the plant. In our bodies, what are our roots? The digestive system. This parallel inspired us. We are dedicated to creating an affordable probiotic that encompasses as many benefits as possible into one capsule. All to help you restore your Nutritional Roots.

Organic Peruvian Maca

MACA 10x- Peruvian Plant-Powered Performance For centuries, Maca was celebrated in the Andes Mountains. Civilizations used this herb to excel at mental and physical tasks. Now, you too can experience Maca’s benefits. Maca 10x is elegantly designed to energize your performance at work, in the gym and in the bedroom.°

Turmeric + Frankincense

TURMERIC + FRANKINCENSE India's herbalism practices are rooted in Ayurveda – a more than 2,000 year old medicine tradition. Turmeric and Frankincense are significant in Ayurveda for spiritual and therapeutic uses. These plants are combined for comforting joints, calming the mind and supporting the immune system.º

Magnesium + Irish Sea Moss

MAGNESIUM MAGIC- The Secret In Our Sea Moss Sauce- Magnesium is a cofactor for more than 600 enzymes in the human body. It’s involved in the synthesis of Vitamin D and muscle recovery. Most importantly, magnesium plays in an important role in regulating blood pressure.° Research suggests most benefits can be obtained with daily doses of 250 to 450 mg of magnesium supplementation. The most common side effect of magnesium supplements can be gastrointestinal issues, but these issues are less common when magnesium is taken as magnesium glycinate.

Vegan Marine Omega-3 DHA

ALGAE: A BETTER SOURCE- Empowering you with the power of plants. Most omega-3 supplements are made from discarded fish. Ew. When these fish are pressed, the oils are sold as omega-3 supplements, but when these oils are exposed to oxygen, they become inflammatory. Double ew. We wanted to use a more pure, plant-based source, so we turned to the same source fish use for omega-3s: algae. This way there is no fishiness.

Menopause Multivitamin

Our Menopause Multi is designed to fill the vitamin and mineral gaps associated with the most common menopause problems. We then reinforced your new bridge and included blends of plants that are traditionally used for generations to achieve balance while managing the transition. We even included specific probiotics to aid absorption and support your wellbeing. All to help you love the woman within you.

Women's Probiotic

Keep Queen V calm, comfortable, and happy the au naturel way with a blend of regenerative organic prebiotics and probiotics. This groundbreaking formula is designed to promote a healthy pH balance, support the vaginal microbiome and support a healthy urinary tract. All to keep your flower flourishing every day.°

Prenatal Multivitamin

Be confident that you’re giving your developing baby exactly what they need with Bump It Up: our groundbreaking prenatal multivitamin. Nurture your body with our natural blend of vitamins, DHA, probiotics, and whole foods – all sourced from regenerative, organic ingredients that are the purest that Mother Nature has to offer.

Lion's Mane + Resveratrol

Experience the fusion of Lion’s Mane and Resveratrol, a potent blend designed to enhance cognitive function, support heart health, and promote longevity, inspired by the natural wisdom of the Appalachian mountains.°