Philosophy and Values

Our philosophy is to restore natural physiology through appropriate therapies while monitoring evidence-based outcomes in promotion of holistic health.

Our values are...


  • Integrity - We will do what we say we’re going to do and establish policies that promote consistency in our dealings with our patients and all people.
  • Diversity - We will embrace diversity in the thoughts, experiences and perspectives of all people.
  • Excellence - We will encourage an environment of excellence, continuous improvement and quality services to our patients through innovation, creative thinking and a consistent open door policy.
  • Empowerment - We will nurture an atmosphere of empowerment for our people to realize their innate healing potential and provide the best healthcare for our patients.
  • Teamwork - We will work collaboratively as an integrated team to improve patient care.
  • Sustainability – We will invest for the long-term success of our clients, employees, community and planet.
  • Balance – We will seek balance in all relationships, interactions, and processes.