21 Day Detoxification and Purification Program

Tired again? Do you suffer from joint pain, insomnia, allergies, constipation, breakouts, mood changes, or have any other bothersome symptom that is making you feel “off”? You may need to detox.


Detoxification and purification, or “detox”, is the natural and healthy process of removing toxins from the body. Your system does it on it’s own through the liver, kidneys, perspiration, etc. However, in today’s world, our bodies often take more toxins in than we can cleanse on our own. These toxins come from any number of sources such as chemicals found in cleaning products and cosmetics, food additives, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, caffeine, alcohol, or tobacco (Chopra, 156).

Even drinking water can contain contaminants that build up and hinder proper body processes. Your body needs purification.

Our scientifically formulated 21 Day Detoxification and Purification Program utilizes whole food supplements; whole, organic and unprocessed foods; and clean water to cleanse the body so that you can have more energy, maintain a healthy weight, and improve your digestion. Purifying offers you a way to enjoy the best your body has to offer. Our 21 Day Detoxification and Purification has been scientifically demonstrated to improve cholesterol and lipid levels as well as weight (Powell, 94).

This Detox program has been designed to fit your schedule and make it easy for you to succeed. Going on the program is a commitment, but the results will make the effort worthwhile.

Visit VitalHealth Partners and learn about the Detox program which can:

  • Increase energy
  • Improve your health
  • Assist in weight loss
  • Improve digestion
  • And much, much more…


We can tailor the detox program specific to your purity needs. Improvement is only 21 days away…what are you waiting for?