Organic Vitamin D3-5000 IU

60 Vegan Capsules Whole-Food, organic Why Vitamin D3? Our culture hides from the sun. We wear more clothes and spend less time in direct sunlight, so our bodies don’t receive the D3 we need to support hormone balance.
Manufacturer: Nutritional Roots

Organic Whole Food D3 60 ct.

A year-round organic D3 supplement for everyone.

  • OPTIMAL PHYSIOLOGY: Supports metabolic health
  • FOCUS: Supports cognitive function
  • BONE DENSITY: Supports bone health

8 ingredients: A 500 mg Certified Organic Blend provides plant-source cholecalciferol from eight different organic mushrooms.

+20 ingredients: A Certified Organic, Non-GMO and Whole-Food Base made of vegetables, green foods, mushrooms and algae.


Made in USAGluten FreeVeganOrganicGMO Free

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